Time Lapse

I’m not sure how many daily readers I have here (I suspect few) but if you are someone who comes here looking for new posts, I need to apologize for nothing yesterday and today. My Friday’s are scheduled for the blog carnival post but it seems the woman who’s running it has had issues accessing the posts and never put it together. I waited all day for her to post it, but nothing showed up. So yesterday was a complete bust.

On top of this, I completely forgot a blogchain that I’m participating in. Not only is it my turn, but I didn’t even post on everyone else’s blogs yet (as required for participation). Life has been just a little busy and my drive to edit has waned slightly in the past couple of days. Even as I’m writing this, I feel cold and tired even though I slept for ten hours last night. I think my two consecutive nights of staying up until 2:00 am and getting up at 8:00 am have caught up with me.

So…. where does that leave us? Nowhere. 🙂 I plan on getting my blogchain post up tonight and making my round of comments. The blog carnival will just have to take a pass this week, as I think it’s not coming. As for my untitled story…… it’s still untitled.

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