Thursday Thirteen #131

Happy Thursday everyone! I’ve been busier than normal this week with my day job, which has meant a slowing of updates here. I am looking for that to change beginning today. With that said, here is this weeks Thursday Thirteen.

This week, I focus on motivation and what you can do to get your pen to the paper.

Thursday 13
Thirteen Things about motivation to write by Aaron Crocco

1. Watch the movie ‘Stranger Than Fiction’.

2. Listen to the Beatles or John Lennon.

3. Carry a journal with you at all times and write every day, even if it’s a three minute free-write.

4. Know that most people can’t ever do what you’re doing. You have talent and you don’t suck. Writing is impossible for many. You are the few, the proud.

5. Find a TV show in the genre you’re writing and watch a few episodes on DVD. A well-written show helps me out a lot in giving me ideas and also showing me I can do this too.

6. Use Pandora to create a radio station of music you like to have playing when you write. You’ll hear songs you like and discover new music without even trying. All music it thinks you like are based on scientific properties of the songs. It helps me a lot and it’s free.

7. Stuck? Write one paragraph. Just one. Go eat lunch and write a second.

8. Never let it feel like a chore.

9. Current events can help build a scene you’re stuck on. Remember there’s tons of news from around the world that could fit into your story.

10. Distracted easily? Unplug your internet before you write. Turn off the phone too while you’re at it.

11. If you type well, close your eyes and imagine the scene as you go. It helps build a flow.

12. Talk to any other writer and they’ll inspire you easily.

13. Blogging always helps.

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  1. Those are some great motivations to help write! Happy TT

    • Suzanne
    • February 7th, 2008

    The Beatles are great and definitely inspiring. Happy TT!

  2. #1..such a great movie..and blogging..Awesome! Great list!

  3. My home phone is always off the hook. I only “replug” it to make phone calls. One sound I hate is a phone ringing.

  4. Wow, lots of work to being able to write. I’m not one of the few though. Very well thought out. Have a great TT. 🙂

  5. I’ve never come across Pandora before. Thank you!

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