Playing Catch-Up


Good Wednesday to all Copious Notes readers out there! Just when I thought things were calming down a little, I get a reality check. To start, my RSS reader where I catch up on most of your blogs is happily sitting there with a nice, red 99 badge on it. This means there are 99 blog posts from everyone that I need to catch up on. Now I know I can probably skim them and skip a few but I do want to be up to speed with how everyone is doing.

Additionally, yesterday I had to work a day shift and that threw my entire system off for the day. My company signed me up for a reader-centered business writing class. I didn’t expect to get much out of it, given that I’m a writer and have a degree in english, but I went in thinking it was at minimum a day of work where I didn’t actually work. I was happily surprised that the class went very well and I was interested in what was being taught.

My instructor was a fantastic woman named Jennifer Pawlitschek, who mentioned she did legal writing and wrote some fiction. Included in our paperwork and books was a biography where it detailed her work and I must say I was impressed with her credentials. She kept the topic interesting and I felt like I learned a lot. I wish I could have gotten a chance to ask her about her fiction writing and gain insight from a professional writer. I left the class happy to learn new material though.

Anyhow, Spirit Hackers still hasn’t been touched and I don’t know if I’ll get to it today. The thought of trying to get up to speed is tough, but I think I owe it to everyone to catch up. I’ll stop venting about it now and get back to reading some blogs. Hope everyone has a great day!

  1. Well, I hope it’s a smooth transition for you, getting back into things. And go easy on yourself! You had a much-needed vacation, I’m bettin’, and you can’t fault yourself for that.

  2. I love it when I actually get something out of an event that I think will only be a waste of time. :

  3. Hey Aaron, and welcome back! It’s cool that you enjoyed your mandatory class. Your instructor sounds like a fun lady.


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