Cha Cha Cha Changes!


Please note this will be my final post on this specific WordPress blog and is cross-posted to the new Copious Notes. Please use the URL to get to the new Copious Notes and you’re golden. That’s been redirected and will point to my new home. Please update your bookmarks / links if you’re still pointing to

Also, please note comments for this post are disabled. You can comment on this same blog entry by going to the updated address.

This post has been a long, long time coming. For the past three weeks I have been getting some heavy lifting done and moving into some new digs. There’s a fresh coat of paint, a new server and some awesome WordPress stuff going on here. The changes to Copious Notes are obvious but you’ll also notice that my entire site is integrated as well.

Why the change? You may have heard about Apple’s big news recently. While iCloud sounds really great, they’re also killing MobileMe which has hosted for the past two years. Instead of waiting for Apple to throw the switch next June, I packed up and headed out. This provided the opportunity to spruce up the place and really integrate my website with my blog.

Even more exciting is I will be using the whole site as a place for some awesome projects coming up and to not only speak about them but also promote / distribute them here too. All in due time of course.

So pull up a brand new Ikea chair and enjoy that fresh carpet smell ’cause it won’t last long. We have work to do and this is just one reason why 2011 is a great one. Thanks for stopping by!

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