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You Gotta Start Somewhere

Printing press

Back in this post in April I talked about the idea of freelancing. Honestly, I forgot all about it and have been just working on Spirit Hackers these past few months. Last night I was searching around the Absolute Write forums and found an entire freelancing section. An interesting thread popped up that talked about Suite101 and freelancing for them. This jogged my memory.

I went back to the site and saw that I had signed up but didn’t fill out an application. Now, of course I’m not really expecting to make anything significant from the site, but I think it would give me writing experience to place on my writing resume and get my name out there a little. I also believe this could be a possible first step into a transition of a writing career. The idea in my mind is that if I want to change careers towards the direction of writing, I cannot just sit in front of my computer typing stories. I need to have other things to work on that will also get my name out there and possibly generate some income.

I don’t know where all this will take me. Of course I have the grandiose dream of completing S.H., querying agents and getting it sold. Realistically I know that takes a lot of time and there is anything far from a guarantee. I think branching out into another project that doesn’t take up huge amounts of time may be a good way to get my feet wet.


The Twisted Path of the Mind

This morning I was over at the funny and insightful blog of Colby Marshall where she talked about an interesting topic.

You should click over to the full post but the gist was that she read an article in People Magazine and began a tangent in her mind that became a funny image her imagination came up with. The reason I’m posting about this is that I think that going on tangents and letting our minds run free help with creating stories. Sitting to think of a story is hard and can become work. When a story just happens, it can be magic.

I believe that this theory of working on a story or plot is a big reason I’m struggling with Mars. The story started with a free-write I had in my journal that didn’t have a story attached. I loved the words so much that I decided to use it as the opening for a new book. Unfortunately the magic stopped there. A second chapter / teaser was written that I liked but I didn’t get much further. Yesterday I decided that Mars needed to be officially put onto ‘Hold’ status. Not that I’ve been working on it recently, but I can’t write more for Mars until I know where I want to go. I even did something I never did, which was outline. I don’t like what the story is and I honestly feel it’s weak.

As of now, I don’t know if I want to write Mars. I may shelve it and work on coming up with some new ideas. I think I may spend 30 minutes to an hour each week night just doing writing excersizes and getting into a groove where I can come up with a new story idea. My drive is dead and my idea well is dry. That has to change.

Helping Another Author

Let me start this post by stating I have not read “My Sister’s Keeper”. I know this book has some crazy twist ending. I do not know this ending and I don’t want anyone to tell me, as I intend to read this book when my Kindle arrives. I urge anyone who feels they need to comment to please not say anything about this ending. Thank you.

Now… on Friday Jodi Picoult spoke at a local bookstore, as she always does this time of the year. My wife is huge fan and we saw her read from her new book and then she got her copy signed. At the end of the Q&A session, Jodi told everyone some good news and bad news:

The good news: Her book “My Sister’s Keeper” is being made into a movie.
The bad news: They’re changing the ending.

Now anyone who has read this book or knows anything about this book, knows the ending is integral to the story. While I don’t know the big twist, I don’t think it’s right to cut it from the movie. Jodi told everyone that she’s been going to bat for the movie but the producer has single-handedly made the choice to change the end.

Essentialy she’s been told readers don’t matter and the change is going to go forward. She’s taking action.

I’m passing on her request that the movie’s producer and top person at New Line Cinema be contacted and told that the correct ending must stay and they are making a mistake by changing it. She held up a huge poster for ten minutes with their contact information. Here it is:

Mark Johnson (Producer):
toby Emmerich (Top person at New Line Cinema)

Feel free to contact these two individuals and let them know what you think about this change.

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