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Setting the Record Straight

Today I wanted to bring you guys a video post, where I can better go over what is happening with my writing, frustration, Spirit Hackers and my schedule. I hope you enjoy the post.


Time is on Your Side

Where the hell have I been?!? While that is far from the first thought in your mind, I’m sure it’s something you wondered as you were reading your usual round of writer’s blogs. Even I’ve asked myself this question in the past few days.

It’s been a rough 8 days mentally for me and honestly I’ve wanted to do nothing, let alone write or blog. Without getting into specifics, an anticipated change with my job did not come through and soon my available free time will change drastically. In the big picture, it’s really not the end of the world, but it drove me into a pretty big funk that I’m just coming out of in the past two days.

I also saw during this time that I was putting pressure on myself to write. I was setting myself up to write and then not doing it. This pressure and setup was turning into anger and a feeling that I’m not cut out for a realistic run to make this something to do full-time one day.

So what am I doing here? Today is the first day that I actually feel up to writing in any capacity. I’m trying to not think about Suite101 or Spirit Hackers. Additionally, I realized a few days ago that there was a podcast I used to do that I miss doing. Yesterday I threw out a ‘signal’ of sorts to see if people even cared about a 18-month hiatus and I got a few responses right away. This tells me that I may revive my old show.

Beginning in February, I may have more time to work on my podcast but also get writing done with not feeling that pressure. We’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping to get some sort of writing done before then but if I don’t then I don’t.

I think I just had a slight mental breakdown. Plain and simple. I know I don’t need to apologize, but I want to say I’m sorry for not reading any other writing blogs or commenting and being a part of the community that’s graciously let me in. Thanks for your patience and I hope to get more writing done.

2009 isn’t starting as I had hoped but we’re only 16 days into the year. I think with 349 left, I’ll be fine!

I Finally Wrote


I figured that this was such a special occasion right now, that it needed to be blogged. After way too much time not touching Spirit Hackers, I finally sat down today and got some more words down. I didn’t do spectacular, but it’s a start. More importantly, it’s a step in getting back into a writing groove that is much needed. So here’s today’s stats after a month-long break:

Total written: 964 words.

This brings my total word count up to 11,395 words and 30 pages. Again, not spectacular but I’ll take anything right now. Lets just hope the drive grows and I get more down on the page.

Short Week


As if this wasn’t easy enough judging from last week’s bust of a posting schedule, Copious Notes is going to be on a shortened posting schedule this week due to Thanksgiving. I was happy that I blogged a few entries last week but equally, if not more disappointed that I did not adhere to my ‘post-a-day’ schedule I set down for myself. Looking to recover this week, I’m hoping to blog today (already done with this entry!), tomorrow and Wednesday. After that, it’s time for Turkey and for everyone to spend time with their loved ones and give thanks.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first half of Capacious Kindle from last week where the Kindle was featured on Oprah. I have part two ready to go and hope that contributes to an entry for this week. Additionally, I did not forget all the great questions and writing prompts posed to me about a month ago. Look for answers and some on-the-fly writing to come out of that great feedback.

Again I apologize for slacking off. Trust me when I say it’s not just with blogging & writing that I am having trouble finding my groove again. Regaining my ‘lifestyle groove’ is the goal for the next few days. I appreciate everyone hanging in there for the ride!

Baby Steps

Baby Steps

In some ways I’m surprised it’s been almost a week since I last updated and in other ways I am not. I honestly think I left my writing drive in Bermuda or something. I’ve been just giving the muse time and I’ve been having patience with it come back into the groove, but I think the time for patience is over. Spirit Hackers has been collecting virtual dust and Copious Notes has suffered too, as you’ve all seen. So I have decided a plan is needed to force myself back into something I know I love to do.

First, and most importantly, I plan on blogging every day this week. Now I know you’re thinking ‘Today is Tuesday, you already missed the mark’ but keep in mind my weekend is Sun & Mon, so for me, today is the beginning of a new week. Additionally, that also means I’ll update this Saturday also (or provide a nice, long Weekender to make up for it). I believe that by blogging, that will help feel like a writer and get S.H. moving again.

Yesterday while food shopping, I did think about the roadblock I hit last time which consisted of the design of a key machine for the story. I think I was able to come up with a design and idea that will work for the story and the possible sequel. It’s just a technical hold-up but I’m glad I have at least something. That is the slightest progress (aside from updating here) but I’ll take it.

Finally, I’m going to try to get back into the AW thread again that I have fun on. That’s another thing that helps.

I have some great stuff for you guys, including a Capacious Kindle entry that deals with the whole Oprah endorsement, which will be a lot of fun. I’ll talk to everyone soon!

Playing Catch-Up


Good Wednesday to all Copious Notes readers out there! Just when I thought things were calming down a little, I get a reality check. To start, my RSS reader where I catch up on most of your blogs is happily sitting there with a nice, red 99 badge on it. This means there are 99 blog posts from everyone that I need to catch up on. Now I know I can probably skim them and skip a few but I do want to be up to speed with how everyone is doing.

Additionally, yesterday I had to work a day shift and that threw my entire system off for the day. My company signed me up for a reader-centered business writing class. I didn’t expect to get much out of it, given that I’m a writer and have a degree in english, but I went in thinking it was at minimum a day of work where I didn’t actually work. I was happily surprised that the class went very well and I was interested in what was being taught.

My instructor was a fantastic woman named Jennifer Pawlitschek, who mentioned she did legal writing and wrote some fiction. Included in our paperwork and books was a biography where it detailed her work and I must say I was impressed with her credentials. She kept the topic interesting and I felt like I learned a lot. I wish I could have gotten a chance to ask her about her fiction writing and gain insight from a professional writer. I left the class happy to learn new material though.

Anyhow, Spirit Hackers still hasn’t been touched and I don’t know if I’ll get to it today. The thought of trying to get up to speed is tough, but I think I owe it to everyone to catch up. I’ll stop venting about it now and get back to reading some blogs. Hope everyone has a great day!


This is a short & free-flowing entry. Please forgive the lack of coherence.

I was getting some writing done the other day and hit a roadblock, which can be annoying when dealing with the ‘universe’ of a book. I was working on chapter 7 when I stopped mid-sentence. I realized that something that is very important to my book was never hashed out in my outlining. More specifically, it is a piece of machinery that I never came up with a shape or design for. I just had a simple idea in my head and never hashed it out. So now I am at a roadblock until I can describe this thing. I really can’t make a place-holder either due to the mechanics being interlaced within the story. It seems I need to get this thing figured out so I can continue.

I did pull out a piece of paper and tried to sketch it out but I suck at drawing and my first ‘design’ doesn’t look like how I want this thing to go. My new goal is to figure this whole thing out and get the logistics working as quick as possible.

Don’t you just hate roadblocks?!?!

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