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This Time Travel Stuff is Hard!

Writing is hard. Any writer will tell you that. We intentionally make it harder (also known as ‘challenging’) on ourselves to see what we’re really made of. I did that with Spirit Hackers in the ways of creating a full outline and structure before writing. I also ditched MS Word and Apple’s Pages for a still relatively-unknown app called Scrivener. With Loopback, I’ve done it again by working on a plot involving time travel. This is a subject that can get you in trouble easily if you don’t dot your T’s and cross your I’s.

The odds of hitting a paradox are high and plot-holes aren’t just issues that can be patched. They can completely derail the entire book. Add in the fact that I’m inventing technology as I go and this is a perfect storm of screwing up that I’m trying to avoid.

I’ve taken organization to the next level and created a dedicated document in my Scrivener binder for all technology I’m inventing and also the time travel rules I’m laying down. By having a reference that’s never more than a click away (and if I jump into split-screen view, it’s not even that!) I can keep my head on straight when referencing something down the line in chapter 20 that I invented in chapter 2. So far, it’s working great for me.

Finally, my word count is progressing with Loopback clocking in at 13,754 words. My current goal is to write about 3k a week to keep my original promise of having this book done by the middle of the year.

So what keeps you organized with your writing? How do you challenge yourself in new projects? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Emerging From the Holiday Fog


Hello and happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone is well rested and coming out of the crazy holiday week with some rest and fun gifts both given and received. For me, I worked most of the days but I did get Christmas Day off, which made everything A-Ok!

So… on to writing!!! Wait, I have none. Hmmm. Well that’s where I’m going to pick things up for this week and start to work on something I think I’ve needed for a while: a schedule or deadline. Recently I signed up with Suite101 to freelance because I felt I would work better under conditions where things are due by a certain date. So far this has worked well for me and I’ve written two out of the ten articles needed in a three-month time span.

Right now I really need to get moving on Spirit Hackers and I also want to write some a couple of Flash Fiction pieces to send out for submission. I’ll be posting a ‘to-do’ list within the next few days.

Finally, I want to welcome Jen and her Scribbling blog to the Blogroll party you see on the right-hand column. Jen is a fellow Absolute Write member who I’ve been talking to for a bit and we decided to help promote each other’s blogs. I highly suggest checking out her site and seeing what interesting words she has to share. Welcome Jen!

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