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Rinse & Repeat

Writing seems to be a cycle that repeats itself: brainstorm, outline, write, edit, beta, edit, edit, submit. While waiting on edits and submissions other works begin their lives and today is no exception. I’m beginning work on a new book.

Spirit Hackers took me over two years to write and this time I’m determined to finish this one in record (for me) time: 6-months maximum. Can this be done? Perhaps. Life always gets in the way along with a drive that isn’t consistently there but I think setting a goal is always helpful. For the past four or five months I’ve thrown around the idea of writing a time travel story, which in itself is difficult. Only a handful of books and movies have done it well and it’s a minefield of plot holes. I consider myself a student of time travel (Back to the Future being my favorite movie of all time) and it’s a challenge I’m up for. Hell, I may even write a great book in the genre!

This past week I broke out my good ‘ol lefty notebook and began outlining & brainstorming this time travel beast. It’s coming together pretty well but there’s still plot points and world-building that needs to be done before I get behind my keyboard. This is the most exciting time with a new WIP. It’s the most creative and the world is my oyster.

So with that said, I welcome into my writing universe my new time travel book: Loopback. Let the games begin.


Frakkin’ Research!

Happy Tuesday and happy September everyone! I figured I should get this out of the way right now: Research sucks!!

There, I said it. Oh my god, I cannot believe how annoying and tough research for a book could be. Of course, I’m talking about my beloved Spirit Hackers and my work on re-writing the thing. Last week I didn’t get too far with only a few small items falling into place. In the past three days I’ve been trying to figure out a key item of the story and doing over two hundred Google searches. Unfortunately none of these seem to yield any results.

Without divulging too much, the issue seems to stem from my idea being unconventional. While I’ve seen similar things in two different TV shows, I realized that it’s never explained and it isn’t essential to the story. It just exists and is accepted. My wife brought up a great point saying that sci-fi fans will have no problems with this method but if I’m aiming for a more mainstream audience (which I am) then I need to get this logistically figured out. Additionally, once this is figured out, I have to make sure it fits in with another key point to the plot. Once these are hammered out, the story is pretty much ready to go and I think I can begin writing it.

Until then, I remain in a deadlock as to how to make the whole story work with my original idea. I feel like I’m trying out dozens of puzzle pieces to find the one that just naturally fits into the hole. I know it’s out there and that I will figure it out, but I need to do more homework and learn more in order to create the catalyst needed. All I can say is that it is exciting to have so much of the book figured out but it’s equally annoying to know that I have such a key factor still in limbo.

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