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I’m reading Freezing Point, are you?

Happy Thursday everybody! I hope everybody is doing well, and enjoyed yesterday’s post about the freezing point launch party. If you haven’t gotten a chance to head over to Karen’s website I highly recommend you check it out. A quick update from me, I am currently enjoying the book and as of last night I am ready to start chapter five. I will say that so far the book is definitely interesting and I think it’s a keeper. If you enjoy books such as Jurassic Park were other thrillers that have a scientific background I think you will enjoy freezing point.

Of course, as you can see from the picture above, I am reading the book on my Amazon Kindle. I pre-ordered the book the day before it came out, so that when I turned my Kindle on as I was eating dinner at work it popped up on my main menu within about 30 seconds. I have enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

Yesterday I did work on Spirit hackers but unfortunately I did not get too much writing done. I only typed approximately 460 words, so I did not get very far. I may get a little bit in today and it’s not looking optimistic considering that it is currently noon and I have to start getting ready for work in about an hour. On the upside, I really like what I’ve written so far I think the story has good depth to it. I am actually surprised about how good it is so far, though I know I won’t think that when I go into the editing stages. For now, I’ll take what I had been given and run with it.

I hope everybody has a great day, gets some writing done, and enjoys this beautiful fall weather.


Freezing Point is out now!

A few days ago I blogged about a new book coming out called Freezing Point. This book seems to be a thriller written in Crichton’s style. Of course this is right up my alley. I first heard about this book from Melanie, over at “What Am I Doing in Mexico?” as this book is written by her aunt Karen Dionne.

Well Freezing Point is out now, and I have already purchased it for my Kindle. I’m only one chapter in, but already the book has a great pace to it and I’m excited to get sucked into this new story. Even more impressive is that Dionne is using the web to help get exposure for the book. I hope you all join me in supporting Karen and reading a great book in the process.

Due to the geographical restrictions of all her readers, Karen Dionne is throwing an online launch party! I HIGHLY recommend everyone check it out, as she’s giving away prizes! You can visit Karen Dionne’s book launch party at

Here’s more details about the festivities:

An innovative thriller author throws a new kind of party

In a YouTube world, it’s becoming ever more difficult for authors to grab and hold readers’ attention. To a Web 2.0 generation accustomed to tag clouds, wikis and widgets, authors’ static text-and-images-only websites are as outdated as Fred Flintstone’s writing tablets.

“Authors naturally think in terms of words,” says Karen Dionne, whose debut thriller Freezing Point about an environmental disaster in Antarctica releases October 2 from Berkley. “But on the Internet, we’re not limited to text. Today’s Internet is very visual, very interactive.”

Savvy authors are taking a page from the digital age and posting book trailers to their websites. Dionne is going them one better. With help from renowned thriller authors David Morrell, Lee Child, James Rollins, Gayle Lynds, Douglas Preston, and John Lescroart, Dionne is throwing an online book launch party where family, friends, and fans can mingle and win prizes – and catch the buzz about her new novel in the process.

As co-founder of Backspace, an Internet-based writers organization with hundreds of members in a dozen countries, Dionne knew only a handful of friends would be able to attend her book launch no matter where it was held. So she set out to recreate the traditional launch party experience on the Web.

Entertainment for the October 1 – 3 event includes video welcomes from bestselling thriller authors, a reading by a professional voice actress who’s also a New York Times author, standup comedy from one of her author friends – even testimony from a medical doctor regarding the science behind the story’s premise. There are door prizes: a boxed set of the BBC’s “Planet Earth” series on DVD, bottles of genuine iceberg water, and Penguin Gear from her publisher. And because a book launch party wouldn’t be complete without, well, books, two independent booksellers are making signed copies available.

“Writers shouldn’t be afraid of the Internet,” says Dionne. “We’re creative people. We can figure out how to use the Internet to spread the word about our books in new and exciting ways.”

Compared to a real-world book launch, Dionne says her online party has definite advantages. “Where else but on the Internet could my mom hang out with Lee Child?” There’s no limit to the guest list, work schedules and time zones don’t even factor, and perhaps best of all, Dionne’s guests can attend wearing their pajamas.

Visit Karen Dionne’s book launch party at

Audio & Video?

You guys may do what I do and listen to podcasts. I listen to a great one called “I Should Be Writing” and I’m always using it to help inspire me. Now I had originally intended to possibly podcast along with this blog. I’m curious to know what you guys think about this. Would you enjoy audio or video entries? Would you want to listen to them? I did a podcast for over two years and I won’t lie: it’s work. I also think they’re fun to do (until it becomes work) and could add another dynamic to this blog.

Do do I add audio and video here? Should I just leave it at blog entries? I’d love to know what you guys think!

And Now An Experiment

I was reading the awesome Absolute Write forums this afternoon and read about different ways people try to generate more traffic to their blogs and sites. Now of course, I would love to have a consistant set of visitors that come here to read new information I post and people who generally enjoy my writing. As time passes, I would think this site has some value to those visiting.

One of the interesting things I saw was that people who put words like erotic or sexual into their writing get more traffic than others. So when I write a sentence like “The way her hips moved were erotic and caused me to stare longer at a way that could only be described as sexual,” will I get more traffic? Perhaps if I write “She exuded pure sex and I couldn’t take it any longer.” it get more people to come here.

Do these keywords bring more people in? If you’re coming from google because of my fantastic writing, welcome! I hope you enjoy my blog about writing and trying to get published. Enjoy your stay. 🙂

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