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The Benefits of Self-Publishing

The writing and publishing world has blown up the past week mostly due to the break-out news of writer Amanda Hocking and her incredible publishing story. The amazing part isn’t that she got her books into the hands of millions of readers but the fact that she’s NOT published in the traditional sense. You can read more about Amanda’s story from the link above but the gist is that she went down the ‘correct’ path and after getting one-too-many rejections on her umpteenth book she decided to go the self-publishing route. She now holds multiple spots in the Amazon Kindle top 100 sales and one of her books has already been optioned for a movie. Incredible.

This of course is another wakeup call that I’ve been hearing a lot lately about self-publishing. J.A. Konrath talks a lot about self-publishing and how he makes more from eBooks than anything in print. The biggest fault people find in his argument is that he’s an established writer and he has a fan-base already in place to buy those books. This theory has been blown out of the water by Amanda’s success.

So where does this leave us? Most of us are trying very hard to get our best work written and then queried out to agents in the hopes we are picked up. There’s always the chance but we all know the reality that it’s very difficult. You also can’t just give up and place your work online for self-publishing because that is a disqualifier for most agents and publishers when looking at a book. They want work that’s never been published in any form. I would LOVE to put Spirit Hackers into Kindle and all other stores out there, podcast it via and do anything else to get ‘out there’ but then I’ve shot myself in the foot on a book that’s taken me over 2-years to complete. Setting Spirit Hackers free isn’t the answer, at least not until after it’s been queried everywhere and then rejected. If I’ve explored all avenues and can’t get it sold, then I will seriously consider putting it online myself.

Can we have our cake and eat it too? That’s what I am going to try. Amanda’s story has pushed me to the realization that self-publishing CAN work if the story is good. So this is my plan to have the best of both worlds: I’m writing two books. You all know Loopback is my new WIP. That book will be written for the traditional route of writing and querying. As with Spirit Hackers, if I exhaust all publishing options I’ll consider putting it online. In addition to Loopback, I plan to develop and write books that I’ve decided will be self-published from the get-go. I don’t know if it will be a short story, novella or novel but there will be work out there and available for everyone. I’m throwing some ideas around and figuring out how to do this but it’s going to be a lot of fun. I plan on working out some of those ideas later today. In addition, if I’m able to write quick enough, I may release it chapter-by-chapter as the book is getting written to make it even more exciting.

Of course this puts a lot more on my plate but I’m focusing on the big picture: getting published one way or another while preserving certain works for a shot at the traditional market. I figure if my self-published work takes off, it may sell to a publisher anyway. It worked for Nathan Lowell, so it can work for me.


Happy 2009

I want to take a moment to wish everyone out there a happy new year. I hope your 2009 is great and brings you much success. This past year has been tough for a lot of people and also most Americans. I look forward to 2009 knowing we will have a new president and hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel regarding war, foreign relations and most importantly the strength of our economy & nation.

I’m keeping today’s post short for everyone. On a good note I published my third Suite101 article yesterday afternoon. I hope you guys check it out and enjoy the content. Feel free to pass along the link and information to anyone who you think could use it.

I’ll see you all tomorrow. Enjoy your time off with family & friends. Be safe.

Freelancing: Article #2

Suite101 Logo

Happy Friday everyone, and if it’s happening near you: happy snow! I know it’s getting to be crunch time with the holidays and so I’m just going to post a quickie here.

This week I worked on my second article and thought I’d be in the clear with no problems. Apparently my skills with writing in the third person are lacking and I had to re-work the article a couple of times. I have realized that I naturally speak in the first-person for blogs and in articles I speak directly to the reader. Suite101 wants all articles in the third-person, making me have to go back into the article and edit it to fit properly.

Today I was notified that the article was approved and now it’s ready to go! If you’re so inclined, head on over here to read the article.

I hope you all enjoy it!

The Freelancing Has Begun

Suite101 Logo

I mentioned last week that I had been reminded about the freelancing options out there on the internet and decided it would be a good start in establishing myself as a writer in some sort of published form. I would like to announce that my freelancing career has officially begun!

Late last week I was informed that had reviewed my application and approved me to be one of their writers. After a busy weekend I spent some time on Tuesday writing up an article and submitted it. With no surprise, it was retuned to me requesting some minor edits. Yesterday those were done and the article is now up on the site! You can read the article here.

One thing that does get me slightly down is that I cannot reprint the article anywhere for one year. This means that I will not be able to place them here on Copious Notes when I get new content out there. To help compensate for this, I have added a link at the top, right which will get you to all my articles. Additionally, I’ll post here with a link to the article whenever a new one goes up.

I’m pretty excited that I am actually writing for a site and it’s content that people may actually get to see. I don’t expect to get any real money out of it, so I’m not quitting my day job any time soon. 🙂 I hope you all enjoy it and I’ll let you all know when I get more content submitted and approved.

You Gotta Start Somewhere

Printing press

Back in this post in April I talked about the idea of freelancing. Honestly, I forgot all about it and have been just working on Spirit Hackers these past few months. Last night I was searching around the Absolute Write forums and found an entire freelancing section. An interesting thread popped up that talked about Suite101 and freelancing for them. This jogged my memory.

I went back to the site and saw that I had signed up but didn’t fill out an application. Now, of course I’m not really expecting to make anything significant from the site, but I think it would give me writing experience to place on my writing resume and get my name out there a little. I also believe this could be a possible first step into a transition of a writing career. The idea in my mind is that if I want to change careers towards the direction of writing, I cannot just sit in front of my computer typing stories. I need to have other things to work on that will also get my name out there and possibly generate some income.

I don’t know where all this will take me. Of course I have the grandiose dream of completing S.H., querying agents and getting it sold. Realistically I know that takes a lot of time and there is anything far from a guarantee. I think branching out into another project that doesn’t take up huge amounts of time may be a good way to get my feet wet.

Amazon Brings Back Their Breakthrough Novel Award

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

Last year started a publishing contest called the Breakthrough Novel Award. This was a simple novel submission contest that was judged not just by professionals but also took into account votes that people would submit through the site. Well it seems that Amazon has brought it back for another round.

If you visit this page on Amazon, you can get all the juicy details and a timeline on the submission process. Here is the basic rundown:

Today: Visit CreateSpace and sign up to receive contest updates and submission guidelines
February 2 – February 8: Submit your novel for the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award
March 16: Quarterfinals begin, qualifying excerpts are available to read and review
April 15: Semifinalists are announced, early reviews provided by Publishers Weekly
May 15 – May 21: Finalist round begins, reviews by our expert panel are posted, and customers vote for the Grand Prize winner
May 22: Winner of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award is announced

I would love to participate in this contest with Spirit Hackers but I honestly doubt that I will have the novel finished in time for the submission deadline. In addition to having a finished novel, you have to have a pitch and an author’s biography. The winner gets published by Penguin Publishing and during the process they reserve first-refusal rights to anyone making it to either the first or second round (I forget which). Additionally, all submissions must be unpublished including self-publishing. For anyone interested in throwing their completed work into the ring, head on over to the link above to check it out. Perhaps I’ll try this next year!

Print On Demand

Printing press

I stumbled upon this great Newsday article the other day that talks all about print on demand and authors who are trying to get out there. This is definitely worth a read.

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